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What is aqueous cleaning ?

Aqueous Cleaning is commonly used in homes for washing clothes in washing machines, washing dishes in dishwasher and body washing with geyser. Washing here means usage of water, detergent/soap, some form of scrubbing action for washing and often heat is also employed to get better washing/cleaning. Likewise, Industrial Cleaning is an extension of these kind of washing with some elements of sophistication and advanced techniques to achieve consistency of desired cleaning. Besides Cleaning Agents, Water, Heat, Agitation (scrubbing action) are employed in Industrial Washing Systems also.
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Different types of aqueous cleaning methods.

POWER CLEAN Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser is designed to remove dirt and oil. This product has a strong affinity for oil and contaminates and loosens them from the parts. Most oil floats to the surface where they can easily be removed via skimming wheels/ belt, absorption blankets, or vacuuming. Turning off agitation allows solid particulates and metal fines to settle on the bottom where they can be filtered off as sludge via a recycling filtration system
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POWER CLEAN (Aqueous) vs. (Solvent) TCE comparison

You have come to the right place. Various different types of industries are switching from TCE to eco-friendly aqueous based cleaners. We have replaced Trichloroethylene (TCE) / Diesel / Kerosene / Naphtha & other toxic solvents with eco friendly and biodegradable cleaners / degreasers. We have been replacing TCE & other solvents since year 2000 in India.
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Benefits of using POWER CLEAN Degreaser

This product POWER CLEAN replaces trichloroethane (TCE), diesel, kerosene, petrol, caustic soda, naphtha and other toxic chemicals. It eliminates worker safety problems and hazards associated with storage of solvents. Above all it is much more cost effective compared to many of the toxic solvents
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Five Reasons to use POWER CLEAN Degreaser

Best Possible Cleaning Results : POWER CLEAN

Advanced cleaners / degreasers are designed specifically for high-pressure / Ultrasonic high-temperature cleaning. You have to see the grease-busting power to believe it. The powerful cleaning action becomes more effective as the temperature increases and the chemical does not break down under high temperature and pressure. Inferior detergents decompose and form precipitates. Precipitates are bad news. They form deposits on heat exchangers and other parts in your Aqueous Parts Washer. Heavy deposits on the heat exchanger make it difficult to heat the solution and can burn out your heat exchange.

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Ultrasonic Cleaner FAQ

An ultrasonic cleaner is a metal container that has ceramic piezo transducers attached to the side or the bottom of the tank. The high frequency electrical energy that is converted by a transducer into high frequency sound waves – ultrasonic energy. These non-audible sound waves create a scrubbing brush action within the fluid.
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All round Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser that very effectively removed Oil, Grease, Dirt, Dust very FAST!. Use it with your ultrasonic cleaner or spray wash equipment or immersion tank or manually, this product WORKS!!.

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Excellent Aqueous based concentrated alkaline Non Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser. This Alkaline Industrial Soft Metal Cleaner / Degreaser removes oils, dirt, grease, dust e.t.c from Aluminium, Copper, Brass e.t.c easily and quickly without harming the metals. You will not see any white patches or white rust with this excellent cleaner.

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Excellent Rust Remover. Easy to use. Dip / Spray and wipe / brush it off to remove the rust from components fast

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Low or No Foam Spray Cleaner and Degreaser which provides exceptional cleaning results in conjunction witha hi jet spray cleaning machine.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner that works very effectively in different types of SS materail (304, 316...). It cleans and shines stainless steel quickly.

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In todays competitive word keeping your component bins clean is as important as keeping your components clean. POWER CLEAN Bin Washing Cleaner is an exceptional cleaner that can remove dirt, oil, grease e.t.c very fast.

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