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Reasons to use POWER CLEAN Aqueous Degreasers

Your choice of cleaning chemical is critical to obtaining the best possible cleaning results, the lowest operating cost and the longest life of your cleaning equipment.
  • Best Possible Cleaning Results

    Advanced cleaners / degreasers are designed specifically for high-pressure / Ultrasonic high-temperature cleaning. You have to see the grease-busting power to believe it. The powerful cleaning action becomes more effective as the temperature increases and the chemical does not break down under high temperature and pressure. Inferior detergents decompose and form precipitates. Precipitates are bad news. They form deposits on heat exchangers and other parts in your Aqueous Parts Washer. Heavy deposits on the heat exchanger make it difficult to heat the solution and can burn out your heat exchanger.

  • Parts Washer Operating Costs

    Power Clean chemicals are 100% active and concentrated to tackle the toughest grease and grime. Designed to blend with water in ratios up to 1 part of detergent to 64 parts of water. Maximum Strength Power Clean detergents, when compared to the economy brands gives you much more “bang for your buck” because you use less chemicals and the chemicals last longer.

  • Longer Parts Washer Life

    Inferior “economy” detergents can damage your Aqueous Parts Washer and ultimately cost you money in repair and maintenance. Economy detergents allow lime and soap build-up inside your parts washer. The result is increased maintenance costs, reduced cleaning performance and shorter parts washer life. The powerful, activated, special additives in Power Clean fight stains and work to prevent buildup. Additional corrosion inhibitors not only protect your parts washer cabinet but also help protect the metal surfaces of the parts you wash against corrosion.

  • Environmentally Friendly

    Innovative Power Clean degreasers are safe for your parts washing equipment and personnel. They are easier to handle and have no unpleasant odors like many low cost detergents. OSHA Material Safety Data Sheets are available for all Power Clean detergents

  • Expert Knowledgeable Support Staff

    Our Tech Services people are knowledgeable about hundreds of applications just like yours. They know what works and what doesn’t. Our Cleaning-System Specialists save you time and mistakes by applying our extensive, field tested experience to your needs. We will match an optimum detergent to your specific cleaning process to meet your specific parts washing needs. We are always available to assist you in tough cleaning applications. Use our toll free number or visit our Website where you will find tons of information on chemicals, titration and parts cleaning.


All round Industrial Cleaner / Degreaser that very effectively removed Oil, Grease, Dirt, Dust very FAST!. Use it with your ultrasonic cleaner or spray wash equipment or immersion tank or manually, this product WORKS!!.

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Excellent Aqueous based concentrated alkaline Non Ferrous Cleaner / Degreaser. This Alkaline Industrial Soft Metal Cleaner / Degreaser removes oils, dirt, grease, dust e.t.c from Aluminium, Copper, Brass e.t.c easily and quickly without harming the metals. You will not see any white patches or white rust with this excellent cleaner.

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Excellent Rust Remover. Easy to use. Dip / Spray and wipe / brush it off to remove the rust from components fast

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Low or No Foam Spray Cleaner and Degreaser which provides exceptional cleaning results in conjunction witha hi jet spray cleaning machine.

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Stainless Steel Cleaner that works very effectively in different types of SS materail (304, 316...). It cleans and shines stainless steel quickly.

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In todays competitive word keeping your component bins clean is as important as keeping your components clean. POWER CLEAN Bin Washing Cleaner is an exceptional cleaner that can remove dirt, oil, grease e.t.c very fast.

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